Purslane, Our Local Wild Superfood

There is a lot happening outside right now. The woods are full of mushrooms and wild berries, the roadsides are peppered with wild herbs and flowers, the farms are open and selling a variety of luscious fruits and vegetables, the herbs in our gardens have felt the heat of summer and are growing full and aromatic, and the weeds are prolific and strong. Many of those seemingly pesky plants we call weeds are really some of our local super foods. Instead of grabbing your hoe to eliminate these abundant specimens, you should be grabbing your harvest basket and taking some in for lunch. One of the most prolific weeds in the New England garden right now and also one of the most nutrient packed is the creeping little succulent purslane.

Purslane is one of the highest plant sources of ALA, a form of Omega 3 fatty acid, the nutrient that is so good for the heart and brain. It is also loaded with beta-carotene, vitamin C, magnesium, riboflavin, potassium, phosphorus, and even has great taste and texture. You can put it raw into your smoothies, salads, sandwiches, and pesto. It also works in soups, sautés, and casseroles.
Look for purslane in your backyard and see how versatile and delicious this little super green is.

At The Institute Of Sustainable Nutrition, we teach our students to identify local super foods, harvest, and prepare them in simple, delicious ways. To learn more call 860-764-9070, or enroll online today.

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  1. Great pix and blog on purslane. The only quality of purslane I don’t enjoy is it’s similarity to the mucilaginous okra!

    I have a question-is Holcomb Farm organic,sustainable, both?


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