Program Details

Earn a Certification in Sustainable Health and Nutrition


This exciting and unique hands-on program offers a one-year certification in Sustainable Health and Nutrition.


Program Overview

We’re growing the concept of nourishment from the ground up! Develop a deep understanding of nutrition, soil, plants, food, kitchen medicine, and the seasons—and how they’re all rooted to sustainable health.

This program will develop and enhance your understanding and connection to the science of nutrition, food, herbs, the seasons, and how these things relate to and nourish the health of the human body and the environment.

Classes will meet one weekend a month for a full year. Each weekend will explore themes connected to the season at hand and explore how they relate to the human body’s rhythms and needs. The themes will move with us into the gardens and land around the farm to learn to see and use the bounty that is available. A myriad of approaches to preparing delicious, nourishing, healing seasonal foods will be explored in the kitchen. We’ll harvest local herbs to blend teas, tonics, and brews to nourish us with each season.

Individually or in small groups, students will apply their new knowledge to a culminating project in an area of interest, to be completed by the end of the program.
Join us as together we discover, create, and remember how to use the abundant bounty around us to enhance our health and the health of our community. These practices will teach us the simple, gentle ways of developing true sustainable health for our families, our clients, our environment, our communities, and ourselves.